Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lover no more

About 5 years and 5 months after I first started posting on this blog, I am done with it.

Today, I am very different from the person who published that first post on this blog. I am a lover no more.

So, I am putting an end to this blog. There will be no more new posts published here. At some point next May, the URL http://blog.libranlover.net will become obsolete. When that happens, you will still be able to access and read the posts by just replacing blog.libranlover.net with libranlover.blogspot.com.

I will still continue to check the email account associated with this blog (see top right corner of this blog for the address) and occasionally respond to comments on here.

May god bless you all with much love and happiness. Me, I will be happy if god just keeps love, women and physical desires out of my life.


  1. Namaste Libran Lover,

    I have been reading your posts for quite some time and enjoying all your thoughtful ideas on so many different subjects.
    Now, after I have read your latest piece (of fun??) I must admit I am very disappointed.
    I truly hope that you don’t mean your intentions about putting an end to one of the best blogs ever seriously.
    I can understand and relate to the perception of yourself as being a lover no more very well as I have gone through a very similar process myself. But, apart from love and all the issues it is connected with, I am sure there are millions of other topics to share with all your readers who have been following your intelligent, deep, meaningful and reviving thoughts…
    Please, don’t leave….

    Your devoted reader and virtual soulmate Marta from Bratislava, Slovakia

    PS: If you really want to keep love, women and physical desires out of your life, it will happen. I only hope you never become jaded…like it almost happened to me.

  2. You sound like a pissy, emotional, bipolar whiner. You need therapy.

    This world is better off without your mediocre blog, anyway! Maybe you should off yourself while you're at it. PS for hating women so much, you sure do seem to be channeling one!

  3. PS Don't let the door hit ya on the backside on your way out!

  4. I hope that you change your mind I love your blogs, even if you don't blog about love I'm sure their are other things you can share with us, I'm saddened because I RELATE to your blogs

  5. I have to agree, your blog and writings are some of my favs! And I hardly enjoy blog surfing most of the time.

    Don't pay any attention to Bad Fish. We all know those types and we can all laugh at them. Sad people they are!

    You have a good and honest voice. The decision is ultimately yours though. Perhaps you can start a new blog. Fresh new layout, title, what have you. Buy a domain name, take advantage of wordpress, and even make some money through ads and such while your at it. I think it's possible for you to have a following. (well it seems you already do)

    Sometimes we all just need to take a break. So take yours and see if you're drawn to come back!

    Oh and don't give up on love! It's the meaning to life. ~W

  6. Your blogs are wonderful to read, I think you will miss blogging in a while if you do really quit. I understand your need to stop blogging about love, women and desires, and I really think if you are running away from it you should quit blogging on this site, but as someone else suggested you should start a new blog of your own to move on and let the hurt of the previous one behind.

    That's my honest opinion, you have to ultimately do what you think and feel is right for you.

    All the very best as you move on, if you do start a new blog, do keep us posted.

  7. Everyone goes through times that we do not feel ourselves. We hit empty spots of life that leave us wondering. It's how we keep composed and sane that builds our character. Running away is a weaker way to deal with things. There are obviously many many people that read your blog and enjoy it. So you quitting your blog is not just effecting you, but many others. You know what it's like to have others run away from you or give up on you... you really think giving off that same negative energy will bring you anything good?

    I connected with your blog... with you. You have incredible amounts of passion, and still do. You are becoming blind to it, it's not that you are not that anymore. I hope you can realize a higher route to take than this path you're choosing. I hope you can find some strength and make a statement to your readers how important it is to never give up. I've gone through the worst time of my life recently. I had a friend tell me... you have to just take a deep breath, close your eyes, and know that you're still alive. You have life in you, and that my friend is the greatest gift.... that is all that matters. Don't lose focus. My thoughts and heart are with you.

  8. to M_ above,

    what a selfish comment. LL has to feed the emotional void of yours and the likes of yours. What kind of a reason are you offering him to not discontinue his blog. Very strange.

    I am sorry for the turmoil you went through in your life but your comment is just weird.


    pay no attention to M_ above. You have to do what makes you happy. You dont have to put up with anything that drains your energy , esp for the sake of those that are looking to drain it away.


  9. everyone,

    Thanks for the kind comments. I can't stop writing. So, yes, there will be something published some place - not sure when and where. If you want to be notified when that happens, send me your email address.


  10. Bad Fish,

    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. While you are here, please relax and explore around my blog. Wouldn't want you to bust a blood vessel over my words! :-)


    PS: Love the Northwest and the people from the Northwest.

  11. Anonymous (Me),

    I think M was just trying to make me, or rather my writings, feel wanted. S/he intended well and I think is trying to make me "snap out of it". But thanks for speaking up for me. Appreciate it. :-)


  12. My posting was not meant in any negative sort of way. How dare anyone be so rude to me when there are postings like "Badfish". Yes I am trying to get him to snap out of it! We all go through phases but life always moves on!

    "Me" I bet I know LL a lot more than you do. He obviously understood my intentions... I don't think it was any of your business to disrespect my comment. He is my friend, and friends try to pick eachother up not encourage them to suffer. When he is hurting, I am hurting. I'm sorry you can't see that and think I'm selfish. I'm quite the opposite, I rarely ever think of myself... what a slap in the face. I think your comment was rude and selfish, because yes... you don't know what I've gone through... and you don't know what LL has gone through. You are completely insensitive and obviously not helping the situation. So my comment was personal, unlike yours. Thanks!

  13. M,

    You don't know anonymous, any more than anonymous knows you. For an unfamiliar person, parts of your earlier comment might sound like I was being asked to blog again so that I wouldn't let down my readers' expectations. Similarly, Anonymous's comment also seemed to misread your intentions.

    Anonymous was just watching out for me and saying that I should do what's best for me and not worry about others' expectations. S/he wished well for me just as you did.

    Let's not jump to assumptions about people whom we don't know and draw conclusions about their motivations. It's nice to have people who care enough to comment. But it's not good if that leads to bad feelings and unkind words. Let's please avoid that and move on.


  14. LL,
    Take a breather and refresh your soul. Find your peace. Life can be bitter at times, lonely at other times.

    Get yourself a pet - maybe a puppy or kitten if you feel up to it? Might give you some joy and some much-needed laughs.


  15. Good Luck ! really enjoyed your blogs since long time ...well nothing lasts forever...

  16. Please think about this decision. Your blog is interesting and helpful, especially for those of us non-Indian ladies interested in creating lasting relationships/marriages with Indian men.


  17. We love your blog b/c those of us new to Indian ways, culture, food and lifestyles learn so much!

  18. Thanks for sharing some new information here. I like this site and it is very informative and hence people who will come across this site will gain lot of information about it. I am very to being glad to be part of this site! I will visit this site in future too.

  19. Sharrell said:
    I just starting reading your blogs and am sad to know find out you have stop posting them. I found yur blogs insightful and educating. I do hope you will write again in the near future. By the way I was interested in knowing more about an actor named Naveen Andrews. I was hoping to learn more about his culture, being that he was raised in South London though being Indian.

  20. I hope you will keep the Hindu calendar alive.
    Thank you, take care.

  21. Sitaram,

    I will continue to maintain the Hindu Calendar.

    Thanks for checking.


  22. LL,

    I see it has been some time since any comment was posted here. How are you holding up? I hope that you have taken the time you needed to heal and reignite the passionate lover's flame that glows within your heart. Your posts were always well thought, well written, and spoke deeply to many of your readers. Have you a new blog somewhere?

    Sharing the joy from my heart to yours,

  23. I am 5 years too late, but I have been reading the past couple of days and I love everything that I read!!
    A to the J

  24. I have to agree with Aja! 5 years too late... I'm going through a very confusing time with an Indian guy sending majorly mixed signals that I cannot begin to interpret... From your final blog it seemed like you got your heart broken. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been reading your blog for the past few days and have noticed much passion! Loved all of it!


  25. please don't go away...just read this part..and im upset...you'll be a great help with your ideas and advices...please write more... -Trisha

  26. Did you start another blog somewhere else? I recently found this and have spent many hours reading...and I to am sorry I am too late...your words are powerful and insightful

  27. Hi there, One of the nices blogs I have ever read. Its a shame you stopped writing. I hope things are going well with you. Feel free to talk to me if you need a friend.

  28. Such a waste to touch so many lives and disappear. Well, I am quite thankful, though too late, to have the honor to read your blogs. If by chance you do read this I would very much enjoy the pleasure of reading your writings where ever that may be. Wolfclan1966@gmail.com

  29. I Just got here today and I spend almost 4 hours reading yor blog... It was so helpful and so refresing and YOU!...You are a gentleman :) so sad that I didn't get here earlier I have so many questions to ask you. Dont close the doors to Love...keep tehm open ...whatever happen to you It will pass....I send you tons of love from Miami from A Venezuelan crazy in love with an Indian :)

    Peace out :)

    A quote for you
    "It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive. "
    I know you, You got my atention for 4 hours!!!! YOU are stronger.... XXXOOO

  30. Hey Dude
    I don't know if you check your blog anymore. I stumbled on it today, 16.09.2012, and it amused and entertained me. U seem like a funny guy. Hopefully your "physical issues" have been addressed and handled. Wishing you well from sunny Cape Town, South Africa - I bullshit you not.
    Anyway, happiness to you. Hope you have a beautiful wife and kid(s);)
    Chanti (e-mail: iliffecn@gmail.com)

  31. hello libran. i do not know you personally but i feel as though i know you through your blog and writings. there have been times in my life when ive felt very down and knowing there are lovers/writers out there like yourself has kept me more sane than living without the ability to read your writings. i feel more recharged these days. i know that you have vowed to stop being a lover but i hope you are still well. we all need love in our lives.

  32. Love no more? :( I just started reading your blog posts and it feels as though I'm just starting to get to know you then I read this. Aww. You seem like a nice guy and I wish you well in life and in love. You have touched people's life through your blog posts and you are really good at it. But yeah maybe a breather is necessary, take as much time as you need for yourself. But I hope you don't stay beaten down/low. Love fiercely! :)

  33. Hi.
    Thank you for your blog and sorry for bothering you now.
    If you don't mind I have a question. I just don't know where to go to ask.
    My indian bf says his bd is on 10, May. After his Facebook its on 1, December. His astrological sign is Sagittarius. For me its obvious that he could not be born in May. He explains that he celebrates his bd in May according to Hindu calendar. I became too enmeshed in it. Does he tell me the truth?

    Appreciate your time.

  34. Please email me when you make a new blog. You have a lot of good things to say and spirit. Conrademily@gmail.com

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