Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brilliant Indian Politician gets M Phil from Cambridge University in 9 Months!

The Hindustan Times reports that the Congress Party of India has served a legal notice to The New Indian Express for publishing a report on the Truth about Rahul's M Phil.

Rahul, of course, is Rahul Gandhi aka Raul Vinci, the general secretary of the Congress Party of India.

The Hindustan Times article has this interesting information about the legal notice:
A copy of the letter of Professor Alison Richard, vice-chancellor of University of Cambridge, was attached to the notice. The letter said Rahul was a student of the university as a member of Trinity College from October 1994 to July 1995 and was awarded an M. Phil in Development Studies in 1995.
Apparently, Rahul Gandhi's performance at Cambridge was so brilliant that he earned an M Phil degree in just 9 months! The same Rahul Gandhi who had to get into Delhi's St Stephen's college, under sports category and failed out from there. The same Rahul Gandhi who got into Harvard after a huge monetary donation and was kicked out from there after only 3 months for not being able to perform. The same Rahul Gandhi whose Cambridge University certificate shows that he failed a subject (reproduced in The New Indian Express article.

It would be sweet if the Congress Party's legal notice results in the truth about Rahul's education being settled once for all. That would be quite an irony. But I am not holding my breath for that any time soon.

Bonus video: Dr Subramaniam Swamy talking about Rahul Gandhi's citizenship and education -


  1. Hi Libran,
    Really enjoyed reading your blog. Election time is so much mud-slinging fun. All the skeletons pop-up out of nowhere :D, and keeps the bloggers going full steam. On the downside, its appalling to see such blokes running the show.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, AquaM. Yeah, elections are a great entertainment show in India. Wish I was there to enjoy it and cover it more actively as a blogger. Are you in India? Voted already?

  3. Good Info, I for one am up for anybody who can get the job done efficiently, corruption free and with a sincere national pride.

    I understand that this guy was born in India, so IMO the immigration authorities of India should take this case of citizenship and eligibility.


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