Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"Difference between love, romance, and sex?"

Question on a message board:

So, what do you think is the difference between love, romance, and sex?

My response:

For animals and gods, they are all the same. That is why I ask people to get in touch with the animal and divine sides within themselves. Every person has three aspects: animal, god and human. Getting in touch with the animal and divine sides within us will help us love and make love truthfully, sincerely, joyfully.

- Swami Libran Lover


  1. I think love, sex and romance are woven together intricately and it is hard to seperate them. Romance is a feeling generated from a devine experience-one that make u feel like every wish of urs would come true at that particular moment. when such a feeling is generated it moves into the sphere of love where u accept the person unconditionally and with all his/her shotfalls and sex is nothing but an ultimate expression of love for some one. although they seem linear one can supercede the other...and there no sinle rule, rhyme or rythym for this sequence...

  2. love is when u feel special with smeone(on top of world) romance is to express ur lovegently without hurting ur lover, there r no feeling involved in sex its just to satisfy ur lust.

  3. love means when u feel some thing for some one specialy,romance means when u express ur things with ur lover,sex means the mixture of love,romance all...

  4. Everything starts with lust then becomes love and then divine love, I think. Not sure how to surpass the lust factor. It always starts there it seems...


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